There were a lot of things I had hoped to accomplish by twenty-something.

I hoped I would have finished my schooling but I am still learning how to speak healing and hope into broken hearts, of which mine is one.

I hoped I would see a tiny number on the scale and a skinny reflection in the mirror but I’m trading those visions for strength in body and spirit and a slice of really good pizza.

I hoped I would be married but instead I find myself being pursued by a relentless Love that whispers promises that He is enough.

I hoped I would have gone to Africa and Mexico and mission fields in the farthest corners of the earth but I’m realizing that maybe my mission is here and maybe it’s time to reclaim this city for the One it belongs to.

I hoped I would sound eloquent and refined by now but most of time I just ramble and stumble and come off as a little irreverent.

This life hasn’t turned out at all as I planned.

But Grace tells me I’m doing just fine.

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